Thai Hom Mali (Jasmine) Brown Rice – Thai Hom Mali Cargo Rice 2 Kgs


  • Jasmine Cargo Rice is also known as Jasmine Brown Rice.
  • Brown rice contains most of the B vitamins, important minerals, and fiber enhancing digestion.
  • Soft, fragrant, and sweet taste.

Cooking Instruction

  1. Put 1 cup of rice into the rice cooker.
  2. Rinse only once and drain.
  3. Add 1.0 – 1.2 cups of water for Oriental Jasmine Rice/Vita Rice/Glutinous Rice.
    Add 1.5 – 1.8 cups of water for Lady Ruby Grain (Red Cargo Rice)/Load Black Grain (Black Cargo Rice)/ Royal Brown Jasmine Rice.
    (Adjust the amount of water to fit your preference)
  4. Cover the rice cooker and let it cook until it automatically turns off. Do not lift the cover or stir rice while cooking. Leave it another 10 minutes.
    Then ready to be served.