Our Quality Delivery

In order to produce premium quality rice that is well-known among both domestic and foreign customers, the company has always recognized the need to equip modern and efficient machinery such as de-stoning, cleaning, polishing, color sorting and grading machines.
All of our Thammculture products are certified with high standard of food safety and quality management systems:

  • Thailand’s Brand
  • GMP
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Exported Quality

Our Rice Refining Process
The advanced technology of rice processing is introduced to our production line in order to hygienically classify, select, and produce the top products.
Selection, Storage:
Milled rice is carefully selected and checked according to our company standard which is set higher than standards recommended by Thai ministry of Commerce. The milled rice will go through preliminary cleaning and be stored in controlled silo to preserve quality until processing.
The process begins with cleaning by magnetic detector. It will capture all metal impurities and residues. Next, at the cleaning stage, any large remainders or small particles such as dust will be removed. The rice then proceeds to the destoner which will remove any small fragment in the rice. The cleaned rice is then passed onto the polishing process to give the rice the glossy white color. Next, the polished rice will proceed to grading process to separate various sizes of broken rice from head rice. The rice is then passing through the color sorter. By the use of advance technology in CCD system, the rice grains different in color from the standard are sorted out.
Final Step:
Prior to shipments, the product, packaging and packing procedure are subjected to final inspection. Then, the high standard rice product is precisely weighed and packed according to requirements and delivered to our valued customers.